Casa din lemn lamelar Ansonia "Alexandra" (de tip Rustic)

Ansonia - Montage kits for wooden houses

Ansonia is a trade mark proprety of SC CRESSENT STYLE, company member of RLH –Romanian Luxury Homes group.

Our company is specialised in the production of montage kits for wooden houses, made in three diffrent technologies:

casa din lemn rustic1. Loghouses with GLULAM logs - ANSONIA RUSTIC:

Houses with massive walls made from GLULAM profiled logs with 3 types of distinct corner joints. This constructive system, suited specially to green areas, is the ideal solution for those who respect and love nature, it perfectly responds the requirements of an echological way of life.
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casa din lemn luxury2. Post & Beam houses – ANSONIA LUXURY:

Houses with visible self -carrying structure made from beams and posts made out from Glulam. Very large stained-glass windows surfaces, the simple and elegant architecture together with a lot of other special characteristics are putting these houses in the luxury constructions area.


case din lemn prefabricate3. Timberframe Houses – ANSONIA CITY:

Prefabricated houses with massive wood self-carrying structure. This type of construction, wide spread in the entire world, is present for some time in our country too. Been very well adapted to urban or adjacent to great cities’ areas. It allows a special flexibility in choosing the optimum solution for the architecture and the endowments of your future house.


We can provide both under the form of kit as well as ready-made fully finished, too all the range of roofs structures and GLULAM special structures. For suplimentary details we ask you to vist the page .

Ansonia products are offered for sale in all the states of the European Union. Through its specific, our construction kit offer is specially for the companies with experience in fixing and finishing the wood constructions as well as for the private customers who wish buying a ready-made, key-delivered house.