Technical details

The walls’ structure of the Rustic houses

Thanks to the lamination technology, we have the posibility to manufacture stable walls with great thickness, of 80, 120, 160 or even 200 mm.In the figure below we present you all the logs profiles used by us in making the walls:

Profile de barne de lemn

As a special option, the laminated logs can be made from two different wood esences, respectively, the exterior lamella made aut from larch tree wood and the others from pine/spruce fir, this system giving the house’s walls a natural increased resistence having in view the characteristics of the larch tree wood.

Another variant of making the walls implies putting side by side two layers of wood distanced between them, each having the thickness of 80mm minimum, the space created between those being filled with insulating material, this system having an avantage regarding the montage easyness of the instalations directions too .

For the walls manufacturing , in the standard offer there are three types of diffrent corner joints, chaletverbindung, tirolerschloss, klingschrott.

Variante de imbinare in coada de randunica

Chertare in cruce pentru perete simplu si dublu

For the roof’s structure are utilised almost exclusively GLULAM elements, made out of the same material been made the floors’ resistence structure, too.

The values of the thermic transfer coeficient in the case of the three construction systems of the logs houses ANSONIA RUSTIC:

zid de lemn Log (mm) K value (W/m2K)
80 1,30
120 0,92
160 0,69
200 0,59
barna Log (mm) +Insulation (mm) +wainscot (mm) = Thickness (mm) K value
80 100 20 200 0,29
120 100 20 240 0,26
160 100 20 280 0,23
200 100 20 320 0,21
asd Log (mm) +Insulation (mm) Log (mm) = Thickness (mm) K value
80 100 80 260 0,24
120 100 120 340 0,22
160 100 80 340 0,22
200 100 80 380 0,21
160 100 120 380 0,20